Elara is conscious of its social responsibility, and is at the forefront of various social endeavours such as:

Guide Dogs

Elara is a proud sponsor for Guide Dogs, a charity which trains puppies to be guide dogs for blind and partially sighted people in the U.K.

Elara recently raised more than £5000 for Guide Dogs by sponsoring Tacitah to run for the Virgin London Marathon in 2014. You can read more about this here.



Ekatvam: A Samarpan Home

Samarpan Foundation has been running a home in New Delhi for orphan, abandoned and abused children in B-24 Maharani Bagh since August 2009. Samarpan is a registered Charitable Trust working to fulfill the needs of the most impoverished and often ignored sections of our society.

Established in 2006, it consists of a large group of volunteers from all over the world who specialize in different fields and work towards a common ideal. The foundation is involved in a wide range of activities across India some of which include: Distribution of food in extremely poor areas, free education of street children and adults, healthcare in areas lacking basic amenities, creating homes for orphans and for the aged, disaster management and rehabilitation.

The foundation works in close connection  and is registered with the Department of Women and Child Development. The 17 children in the Delhi Home are provided hot nutritious meals, clothes, education, proper medical care, recreational and vocational facilities as well as adequate security as per the Government Guidelines. Samarpan Foundation has a certificate of recognition/registration under section 37 of J.J.Act 2000 read with Rule 71 of J.J.Rules, 2006.

It can currently accommodate 17 children and one governess on the premises.

For more information, please visit the website:



National Association for the Blind

Presently at our educational resource centre, we provide free education, food, lodging and residential facilities to 46 visually impaired students. Students are equipped with latest learning technology and allowed to attend classes with sighted students in nearby  Government Primary and High Schools. On returning from regular classes, students are coached by resource teachers of NAB Uttarakhand to bridge the gaps in learning. The construction of vocational training centre for the adult blind was completed with the financial assistance of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Very soon, adult blind between the ages of 18 to 35, who could not get education earlier in life, will get the opportunity to join the different vocational training courses offered by us.

Lakshmi Ashram

Lakshmi Ashram, situated in Kausani in Almora district of Uttarakhand, was established in 1946 by the London born disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Sarala Behn, to provide education for rural girls along the holistic ideals of Basic Education or Nai Talim, as developed by Gandhiji. At present there are some fifty students from Class I to Class XII in the ashram.

Besides educational activities, the girls are provided vocational training as well. The ashram has always been active in the wider community, especially working for social issues such as prohibition, and environmental issues such as the need for preservation and regeneration of the forests and rivers of Uttarakhand.