Over time, the Elara team has been guided by the following basic beliefs that have molded its work culture:

  1. Each employee is an entrepreneur. Elara believes in encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit and accordingly all members are entrepreneurs in their own rights.
  2. Respect for individual. Elara believes that each individual is a powerhouse of talent and capabilities and the company would like to provide an encouraging environment to harness their individual talents and capabilities. In the process both the individual and the company will grow in stature.
  3. Each individual is a responsible person. Elara believes that each member of the team is a responsible person and each of his/her actions would be self managed to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, cost control and elimination of waste (time, materials, money etc.). 
  4. Commitment. Elara believes all its team members are fully committed to the company, and would not take any action which may be contrary to this belief. 
  5. Team work and open culture. Everybody in Elara is an “equal” team member and to that extent it believes in a flat working environment. Designations and positions mainly represent the individual roles & responsibilities and functional relationships in the organization.